Tensorplex Dojo is an open platform designed to crowdsource high-quality human-generated datasets.

Powered by Bittensor, the Dojo Subnet allows anyone to earn TAO by labelling data or providing human-preference data. However, opening up the platform for anyone to access introduces a new set of challenges, such as performing quality control, verifying that contributions are genuinely human and preventing sybil attacks.

To address these challenges, Dojo introduces multiple novel features to solve this issue:

  • Synthetic Task Generation:

    • Unique tasks are generated by state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLMs) to collect human feedback data, from which it can be used to improve open-source models.

  • Synthetic Ground Truth Validation Mechanism:

    • The validators will be able to synthetically generate partial ground truths, allowing them to determine the quality of responses provided by individual participants.

  • Proof of Stake (Coming soon):

    • A proof of stake consensus mechanism enables participants to stake assets against their contributions, reducing the likelihood of malicious actors and enhancing the quality of the outputs.

There are multiple ways to participate in Dojo;

  • Validator:

    • Users with large amounts of TAO delegated to their address can join as a validator (Guide - Validator) to generate synthetic tasks or distribute organic tasks to the miners.

  • Miner:

    • Users who would like to participate directly can spin up a miner (Guide - Miner) and participate through the Dojo frontend. Keep in mind that you will need to burn/recycle a certain amount of TAO in order to join the subnet.

  • Contributor:

    • Users who do not want to spin up a miner but would like to contribute through completing the tasks will need to work with a miner to recycle/burn some TAO to spin up a mining server in order to get the subscription key to use the Dojo frontend (Guide - Miner).

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